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Privacy controls

Privacy controls

Keeping you safe online is core to everything we do -- it is our commitment to be transparent about the data we collect while giving you choice and control over your data. The data you provide to Google and YouTube delivers helpful services to you. YouTube is a part of Google and adheres to Google’s privacy policies and principles. You can always control your privacy settings by visiting Your Data in YouTube or your Google Account.

Your data in YouTube

Your data in YouTube is a feature that makes it easier for you to understand and control what data is saved and how it is used on YouTube and across Google. It gives you quick access to YouTube privacy controls, as well as information about how YouTube works with your data such as your search and watch history. The activity in your History is private and is used to improve your experience, like reminding you what you've watched, and giving you more relevant recommendations and search results. You can remove specific videos from your watch history and queries from your search history, pause your watch and search history, or start fresh by clearing your entire watch and search history. Any videos removed from your History will no longer influence your recommendations, and queries you’ve removed won’t show in your search bar as suggestions.

Your data in YouTube: Manage your privacy settings across YouTube and Google

YouTube Incognito mode

YouTube Incognito mode lets you browse privately in a session so your account search and watch history will not reflect whatever you’re viewing and will not be carried over to your logged-in account.

Incognito mode: Browse privately so that search and watch history won’t influence or reflect what is being viewed