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Creating opportunity, creating businesses, creating jobs.

Creators are reaching global audiences, hiring teams and building businesses on YouTube.

They’re the building blocks of the creator economy and they’re making a real impact in the US.

Find out more about YouTube creators’ economic, societal and cultural impact in the US by downloading YouTube’s 2022 Impact Report by Oxford Economics.



90% of creators who earn money from YouTube agree that they want to use the influence they discovered on YouTube to make a positive impact on society.

YouTube’s Impact in the US

Earning an income through YouTube helps creators to build businesses, hire staff and have a meaningful impact on the US economy.


YouTube’s creative ecosystem contributed over $35 billion to US GDP in 2022.


YouTube’s creative ecosystem supported more than 390,000 full-time equivalent jobs in the US.


83% of SMBs with a YouTube channel agree that YouTube played a role in helping them grow their customer base by reaching new audiences.

Learn more about the survey methodology in the Impact Report.


In the US, more than 430,000 creators and partners receive income linked to their YouTube presence.

How creators earn money from YouTube

Creators have many ways to earn money on YouTube, from a share of revenues earned from Ads and YouTube Premium subscriptions to Channel Memberships, ticket sales and even Shopping.

Dr. Tracey Marks is one of the many creators who has grown her business with the help of revenue she’s earned on YouTube. She started her YouTube channel by creating videos that open up conversations about mental health. Now, alongside both longform videos and Shorts, she sells e-books and branded merchandise via Shopping on the YouTube platform.

Fans of creators can also help add to a creator’s channel revenue. Fan funding features like Super Chat, Super Stickers and Super Thanks allow fans to reward their favorite creators for the content they love.

Multiple ways to monetize

YouTube has been a game changer for us because it generates huge interest in our business which turns into sales.

- Steve Andrianos, Syracuse, NY

Powering the US economy by growing business

YouTube is an open platform that gives creators the tools to earn an income, launch a career and build a business.

Since launching their YouTube channel, third generation candy maker, Steve Andrianos and his wife Terry, have seen their family-operated business grow and evolve. They now receive orders from across the US and overseas, they’ve hired additional staff and reopened their brick and mortar Hercules Candy store - originally started decades ago by Steve’s grandfather.

Opportunity for all
83% of creators who earn money from YouTube agree that YouTube provides an opportunity to create content and earn money that they wouldn’t get from traditional media.
Business growth
78% of SMBs who use YouTube agree that YouTube is essential to their business growth.

We give parents a tool to proudly and joyfully share their culture and help their kids be bilingual.

- Susie Jaramillo, Los Angeles, CA

Giving diverse voices a stage

YouTube is a place where diverse voices can find a platform and grow an audience.

Proud Latina mom, Susie Jaramillo started the Canticos YouTube channel to fill a gap in the market for bilingual children’s learning and entertainment. Canticos has grown to 420,000 subscribers, attracted global audiences from all backgrounds and is enjoyed by children, parents and educators alike.

YouTube’s universal access means more opportunity for people to turn their passions, hobbies and even their cultures into businesses like Canticos.

Diverse Content
76% of users agree that YouTube is home to diverse content and perspectives.
Promoting Diverse Voices
81% of users agree that with YouTube they can hear from diverse communities and/or cultures from around the world.

I am always grateful when I see children learning and families enjoying Gracie's Corner.

- Dr. Javoris Hollingsworth, Houston, TX

A world of learning and information

On YouTube, there’s a whole world of learning and information available for people of all ages.

Both kids and their parents are benefiting from universal access to quality kids’ learning and entertainment. YouTube is also a useful tool for teachers. And it’s not just kids learning, adults have opportunities to learn technical skills, professional skills and skills to grow hobbies and interests.

After spotting a lack of diversity in kids programming, Dr. Javoris Hollingsworth and his wife Dr. Arlene Gordon-Hollingsworth created Gracie’s Corner. Featuring a diverse cast of animated characters and voiced by daughter, Graceyn, Gracie’s Corner aims to be both educational and entertaining.

The Hollingsworth’s channel has grown to over 1.5 million subscribers around the world and they’ve even begun dubbing their content in other languages.

Accessible Information
92% of users report using YouTube to gather information and knowledge.
Quality content
85% of parents who use YouTube agree that YouTube (or YouTube Kids for children under 13) provides quality content for their children’s learning and/or entertainment.

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