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Our digital brochure maker allows you to increase marketing and advertising effectiveness by creating, publishing, and distribution a dynamic brochure that transforms traditional printed promotionals into a fully connected, shareable experience. Use Issuu's brochure maker to bring your vision to life.

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Marketing Brochures on any device, from desktop, to mobile.

What is a digital brochure?

A digital brochure is a compelling way to attract customers to your product or service. Unlike printed brochures, the digitized version can be saved to any device, be accessed at any time, and is viewable and shareable on any device. Our online brochure maker creates a web-based experience that showcases your brand, products, event, school, etc. Make sure to incorporate some creative elements into your digital brochure to make it really stand out in the crowd.

If you need an extra boost with your promotional materials, our free online brochure maker is one of the easiest and most effective ways to take your marketing to the next level. The interactive experience allows you to incorporate new and exciting content into a digital brochure. You can inform readers about your event, product, or service with an embedded video that makes them take action. If you have several photos you want to display you have the option to incorporate a slideshow within the brochure that proudly showcases your best work.

One of the key differences between a digital brochure and a printed brochure is how customizable it is. With our free online brochure maker you can change your brochure with a few clicks depending on season, product availability, or event. You can create a brochure featuring new ideas that will increase sales and brand awareness. You are free to reinvigorate your digital brochure as often as you want to.

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How to Make an Online Brochure:
  1. Upload your digital brochure in any format from either your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, or import it using our integrations from InDesign and Canva. Your document will instantly be converted to an Issuu Flipbook.

  2. Add videos and links, then use Fullscreen Sharing to connect with your audience. 

  3. Monitor your Statistics dashboard to gain key insights into your readers’ experience. Review your readership metrics and learn more about the success of your brochure.


Your message, in motion. 

When it comes to visual content, images are good, but video is great! Now you can embed video directly in your brochure. Including video turns your digital brochure into an immersive, multimedia visual experience.

add video for an interactive brochure


Add your brochure anywhere on your site. 

With our Embed feature, you can put your online brochure right on your homepage or embed it in a blog post or landing page. You can also make enhancements so your brochure is displayed in a way that matches the theme and branding of your site.

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Visual Stories

Create a stunning social media preview.

Our Visual Stories feature lets you create sharable previews of your brochure for all your social media channels. Don’t just tell your audience about your brochure, use Visual Stories to show them what’s in it. Visual Stories generate a higher click-through rate than simple images and text!

turn your brochure into visual stories

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Digital Brochure: Frequently Asked Questions

  • There are a few important elements you want to incorporate into your digital brochure to increase its engagement and effectiveness. Make sure the brochure has consistent colors, backgrounds, fonts, and images. Visual consistency is how you bring it all together. The online brochure maker makes all of this simple and user-friendly.

  • Short and concise copy is key when you create a brochure. Keep your paragraphs short, around 3-4 lines is perfect. Bullet points, subheadings, and short lists that can be viewed at a glance are good too, and don’t forget to have a strong call-to-action so the reader knows what you want them to do.

  • A brochure is organized around a main topic with sections and subsections exploring different elements of that topic. For example, a brochure for a university might start with some background about the school, a mission statement, maybe some info about rankings, followed by subsections about departments and sports.

  • A brochure is a chance to shape your customers’ first impression of your business. The great thing about this format is you can go much more in-depth than a simple ad while still getting right to the point. The same best practices apply as with any great brochure: create an eye-catching design, keep it simple, and include a clear CTA. Also, be sure to include any relevant contact info and links for your business.

  • When you create a brochure for school, treat the assignment as your design brief. Come up with a design and content that brings the assignment to life. Think of the written content like an essay: The headline is your title, you have an introductory paragraph that summarizes the content of the brochure, and subsections that go into more detail. You can enhance your brochure with visuals to help illustrate your presentation. With our online brochure maker you can add video and images to wow the class (and hopefully get an easy “A” on the assignment)!


Are you ready to power up your digital marketing brochures?

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