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Issuu + Dropbox: Integrate your designs and publish faster

Dropbox is a convenient way to organize and store files, and is loved by designers and marketers alike. Connect Issuu to your Dropbox account in minutes and keep all of your creative files at your fingertips.

Get Started
Integrate Dropbox with Issuu to create flipbooks

To Upload from Dropbox

1. Select Dropbox to upload file

2. Login to Dropbox (If you are already logged into Dropbox, it will directly take you to your account)

3. Select file to upload

PDF being uploaded to Issuu

Store files for easy access

Our seamless integration enables designers and marketers to keep PDFs, images, videos and more hosted and organized in a central repository, always available to upload and publish via Issuu.

Collaborate with ease

Streamline your workflow and empower collaboration and creativity while keeping marketing programs agile. By linking a shared Dropbox folder to Issuu, designers can easily share files with marketing and publishing managers for always-on access to the latest files.

Dropbox and Issuu connecting with an integration.

Integrate with Dropbox and start uploading files to Issuu today

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