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Amplify your mission and further your cause by instantly transforming static content and nonprofit magazines into a dynamic digital experience with Issuu. Supercharge your content with interactive features and easily create supporting assets to share with the world in just a few clicks.

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From monthly newsletters and fundraising collateral to annual reports and grant applications, nonprofit organizations of all kinds use Issuu every day to publish and share their initiatives. Highlight the important work you’re doing through an inspired, page-turning reader experience.

Issuu enables nonprofits of any size to provide their audience with professional, streamlined, and engaging content. Creating virtual assets provides nonprofits with new ways to connect with donors in an entirely digital landscape.

Save time and money.

Your organization already spends valuable resources creating meaningful content – let Issuu help you save time and money on the distribution process. Upload and transform flat files into digital Flipbooks, eye-catching Social Posts, and mobile Articles with Issuu’s intuitive user interface, guided workflows, and numerous platform integrations.

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The Issuu platform boosts engagement by automatically optimizing content for the highest quality presentation across desktop and mobile devices. Create a truly unique, immersive reading experience - one that puts your mission front & center. More engaging content means more reads and more impact!

Reach more people.

Expand the reach of your nonprofit and increase your donor base with impactful digital content - regardless of device or channel. Easily create custom GIFs, QR codes, and Social Posts from every Flipbook to attract more people via web, email, social, and other emerging channels.

Take it one step further and discover what content is the most successful with built-in Statistics for your publications. Take advantage of these insights to create highly effective marketing materials for your nonprofit.

Go further as a team.

Issuu for Teams enables nonprofit organizations to streamline their digital content publishing and approval processes by unlocking access, management, and control over content libraries for groups of users. Accelerate your productivity and simplify content management by working together in a single platform.

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