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Design for the long game by uploading your brochures, magazines, marketing eBooks and more to Issuu. Then transform your designs into multi-channel digital-ready assets on the fly, creating new derivative content to create vibrant ongoing campaigns. All while retaining your pixel-perfect aesthetic.

Make Issuu an integral part of your design workflow.

From InDesign and Canva to your website and marketing channels, Issuu connects your content with your audience, wherever they are. Our integrations with top-rated design tools automate your processes and make sure everyone on your team always has access to your latest designs.

Save time and effort on promotion.

Once your designs are in Issuu, easily create derivative assets for all distribution channels. Embed content into landing pages, grab a fullscreen sharing link for social media and email, create motion-graphic social stories to stop scrollers and elevate engagement, and even build in-brand GIFs for email campaigns.

Collaborate with editors, content teams, and ad departments.

Upgrade to Issuu for Teams for flat planning and team management features to dramatically reduce production time and create seamless workflows between departments.

Designers FAQ

  • Whether your design file has one page or more, you can easily upload it to Issuu as a PDF, .doc, .ppt, and more to turn it into an interactive flipbook. Use our Google Drive, Dropbox, Canva, and InDesign integrations to upload or export your designs to Issuu with a few clicks. You can also directly upload a file to Issuu from your computer to start transforming your designs.

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