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YouTube Paid Service Usage Rules

As described in the YouTube Paid Service Terms of Service, how you access or use different types of Paid Services on YouTube may vary. The usage rules applicable to each type of Paid Service are detailed below, and may change over time as we add new features, devices and content to our service. You may also visit the YouTube Help Center for more information.

Movies and Shows Rentals and Purchases

  1. General. Certain types of Paid Services allow you to purchase or rent individual Movies or TV shows made available by third parties. You may view rentals or purchases when online, with a broadband connection and logged onto your YouTube or Google account. You may also view certain rentals and purchases offline by downloading and viewing from a previously authorized device. Authorizing and deauthorizing a device requires you to be online.  Due to restrictions from our content providers, purchased or rented content may not be available for purchase in all countries or outside of your home country.
  2. Access on other Google Products. In some cases,  you may also receive access to your rentals and purchases through another Google product (e.g. Google Play). Your use of your rentals and purchases from YouTube shall be governed by the YouTube usage rules, but these usage rules will govern your use on these Google products in addition to any usage rules applicable to the other Google products.
  3. Rental Content. When you rent content, you may view such item of content an unlimited number of times during the period of time displayed at the time of your payment ("Viewing Period") and noted in your confirmation email. Pausing, stopping, or rewinding an item of rented content will not extend your applicable Viewing Period. Each item of rented content may have a different Viewing Period, so please review the Viewing Period before you complete your transaction. Rented content may only be viewed on one device at a time (either online or on an authorized offline device).
  4. Purchased Content. When you purchase an item of content, your content will be stored in a digital locker and you may view it an unlimited number of times for during your Locker Period. The “Locker Period” will be for at least 5 years from the date of your purchase (subject to the restrictions described in the YouTube Paid Service Terms of Service). Each item of purchased content may have a different Locker Period and you agree to the Locker Period before you order it. Pausing, stopping, or rewinding purchased content will not extend the Locker Period.  As noted in the YouTube Paid Service Terms of Service, if an item of purchased content becomes unavailable during the five year period from the purchase date, you may request a refund.

For purchased content:

  1.  you may view one stream of each item at a time,
  2. you may view up to 3 streams of different items at a time,
  3. you may authorize up to 5 devices for offline playback of Locker Video Content at a time and to authorize additional devices, you must deauthorize one of those 5 devices,
  4. you may only authorize the same device three times in any 12 month period and de-authorize the same device twice in any 12 month period,
  5. you may only deauthorize a total of 2 devices for offline playback every 90 days, and
  6. you may only authorize 3 Google accounts on the same device.  

Stream and offline playback limitations for purchased content apply regardless of which Google product (e.g., Google Play Movies & TV or YouTube) you access the content from.